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🟒GC full form :-  Many people search the full form of GC on Google and are worried that different types of results are shown in Google.
Let us tell you that the abbreviation of GC is many words. Different for different regions- Apart from this, in this article, we mainly have the full form of GC,

which more and more people ask. We have analyzed them step by step such as GC full form in computer, GCΒ  in chemistry, GC in jobs ,GC stand for in chat, GCΒ  in medical.

gc full form

1).GC full form in chemistry⇓

β‡’The full form of GC in chemistry is – β€œGas chromatography β€œ.
β‡’Gas chromatography is a type of general chromatography technique used in analytical chemistry to separate compounds.
β‡’Gas chromatography is also used for the analysis of compounds.

β‡’Gas Chromatography Technique After analyzing the compounds their decomposition is done without evaporation
With the help of gas chromatography process, the purity of a particular substance is tested and different components of a mixture of compounds are also separated.

2).What is GC in medical term?

The full forms of GC in medical term is -β€œGonococcal, Gonorrhea”.
Let us tell you that gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted infection or disease that is caused by a germ called β€œNeisseria gonorrhoeaeβ€œ.

Studies have shown that this type of infection usually affects more than one body part such as ⇓⇓⇓

β†’ throat,

β†’ rectum,

β†’ urethra etc. affects

3).GC full form in college

The full forms of gc in college or school has 3 types of abbreviation see below⇓⇓⇓

a) Government colleges

Here GC form is used differently in college or in school.
Talking about the Government College, it is run by the government of the country, in which many facilities are provided and is a recognized college.

b)General College
People also use the full form of GC as General College, so in General College, there is usually all kinds of studies of all subjects, which people address as General College.

c)Green Campus

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4).GC in computer

Let us tell you that β€œgarbage collection” in computer science is a form of management for which it works.
Its special feature is that the collector can retrieve the memory that was allocated by the program.

Let us tell you that around 1959, the invention of garbage collection was done by American computer scientist John Mencarthy,
see manual garbage collection in order to the programmer himself.

Have to specify which memory to delete which memory to restore but automatic garbage collection system doesn’t have to do all this work and it makes work easier.

5).GC stand for messages or chat

a) Good Condition
When you are chatting online and if the person on the other side asks how are you, then you write in the group chat, I am in good condition, some people also write GC in short, then it means that you are in a good position. is in

b) Group Chat
In today’s time, who does not use WhatsApp, then different types of groups are formed in it and people make groups on different topics, in which many people are connected, then many people chatting or debating in the group about the same topic. who also do group chat

c) Good Call
When we talk on the phone and the network is good, good things happen, then we call it good or its short form will be its GC.

d) Get Crazy
Many people get excited about something very quickly and try to know about it very quickly, only by that one will say gate crazy in one words i.e. its short form will be GC.

e) Go Cool
Nowadays people get angry about things, so we try to persuade them or say again and again that go cool means calm down, don’t get angry, it is also called GC in short form i.e. go cool.

f) Gift Card
Nowadays, many girls start demanding expensive gift cards from their boyfriend or their brother on Instagram during online shooting like WhatsApp Facebook, ie, it will be called GC in short form,

they should see whether it is needed or not. What will happen by taking such expensive things, as much as your status should be spread

6).GC full form in job

a) General Counsel
Let us tell you that GC i.e. General Counsel, also called General Counsel i.e. GC, is the main lawyer who gives legal advice to a company and suggests how to handle things.

b) Green card
Let us tell you that the full form of GC is also used by many people as a green card. Green card is made for the workers, which has the ID of employment.

c) Good candidate
Many people also say GC ka full form good candidate Good candidate means that the student who is qualified for the exam or job in every way, he has worked hard and has achieved excellence, he can be a good candidate.

7).full form of GCΒ  in army

Many people also search for GC full forms in army on google, then let us tell you that when a trainee or candidate enters an army or military academy,

he is named as a ” Gentleman Cadet ” and is popularly known as a β€œGentleman’s Cadet”. GC as he is called and known

8).GC full forms in games

By the way, if seen, the full form of GC will be seen in many different games, then some list is being given below, you read it, these common famous words are being given which will definitely help you.

Global Challenge
Grdat Canadian
Game Computer
Game Control

FAQ; frequently asked questions for gc full formΒ 

Q1.what is the full form of gc in college?


Q2.what is the full form of gc in WhatsApp?

Ans. The full form of gc in whatsapp is -group chat , good condition, go cool , get crazy .

Q3.what is the full form of gc in chemistry?

Ans. The full form of gc in chemistry is Gas chromatography .

Q4.what is the full form of gc in games ?

Ans. Global Challenge
Grdat Canadian
Game Computer
Game Control


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