GIF FULL FORM IMAGES | what is GIF stands for?

what is the full form of GIF ?


GIF FULL FORMπŸ‘β€πŸ—¨πŸŒ„:- Use of GIF Images When people celebrate the festival or send messages while using colorful motion images, then you have seen, let’s know many other things about GIFπŸŒ†.

Β Introduce GIF full form images

GIF FULL FORM : Graphics Interchange Format

πŸ”΄The GIF image having a file extension .gif( end).
πŸ”΄It is widely used for still images and animations on the World Wide Web.
πŸ”΄It was developed by american company CompuServe in year 1987.

🟒GIF images are compressed by using best Lempel-Ziv-Welch (LZW) lossless data compression technique.
🟒in This technique reduce the file size without degrading the quality of the image.
🟒The main motto of its development is to develop a platform independent image format.

GIF images uses 8 bit format which supports 256 colors. These colors cannot be mixed to make new colors. It is most popular on internet due to its small size and portability features.

It is considered best for line art with limited colors, images with large flat areas of color and for images that need to be animated.

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πŸŸ₯the AMERICAN company CompuServe introduced GIF on 15 June 1987 .
πŸŸ₯this company to provide a color image format for their file downloadings.
πŸŸ₯it used LZW data compression techniques.
🟩do you know in 1989 original version of gif image is called 87a.
🟩the facebook add supporting GIF image sticker in may 2015.
🟩and also Instagram added GIF sticker in January 2018.

what is GIF stands for |gif full form

Versions of GIF images

we know that the GIF has only two versions:

The first version of GIF was introduced in 1987 as GIF87a.
The second version of GIF was an extended version and came in existence in 1989.
It was called GIF89a and it is used until today as the standard format with more functions.

Usage of GIF images

🧷GIF IMAGE are suitable for asharp-edged line art with a limited number of colors.
🧷GIF use the LZW technique for data compression so in GIF no fear of data loss and it favors flat areas of uniform color with well defined edges and sharply .
🧷GIF can be used in small animations and low resolution with stylish film clip.
🧷It supported transparent backgrounds so it can be used to blend GIF files with website background colors and more.


gif full form

|Final word:-

Overall, today we use GIF images for various decorations or to send colorful messages on social media, this image is mostly used in festivals and it is also used in images like good night good morning etc. It takes very little space, so this article was on GIF full form and we gave information about it in detail, so tell us how did you like this article, if you liked it, then definitely share it.

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